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KSE Discovery Pack


- 32 Video Clip

My name is Jeff Espinous and I’m the Founder of Kali Silat Evolution. I want to welcome you to our KSE Training Pack. My partner for this Series his Guro Antonio Barone from Napoli, Italy 

WHAT IS KSE.   KSE is an empty hands and weapons training program that passes beyond the traditional expression of the Southeast Martial Arts.I use the Filipino structure for it’s rationality, simplicity and efficiency.Some Pencak Silat for the overkill spirit and body motion. And the Muay Boran to build up the physical and mental attitude. The Urban Self Defence is my own vision who is based on common sens… 

THE OBJECTIVES.   My goal is to give you a path to your own expression.KSE is focused on finding shorter and more efficient ways to present and teach Southeast Martial Arts... To see what you already may know with new eyes.