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Katulong Guro . Edition 2004

IKSA Katulong Guro Program 2004
Katulong Guro / Instructor 3. Dan Requirements
Book includes over then 250 Pictures in 40 Pages

Phase Seven
1. Doble Baston / Double Sticks
Inayan Sinawali N. 2 - N. 9
Standard Mirror, Redondo & Mirror Redondo Principles
2. Solo Baston / Single Stick 
Disarm Drill, Crosada Disarm Counter Variations
Basic Corto Drill 
3. Daga / Knife
Palasut Drill Variations and Earth Grip Disarms Drill
4. Espada Y Daga / Blade & Knife
Crosada Disarms Series N. 2 and Numerado Drill Shoulder Control
5. Kadena De Mano / Filipino Trapping Hands
Basic Counters N. 1 - N. 10 with Free Follow up
Self Defence Applications
6. Panantukan / Filipino Boxing
Basic Gunting Counter Drills
Basic Focus Glove Gunting Counter Drills
Self Defence Applications
7. Sikaran / Filipino Kickboxing
Counter to Counter Combinations with Knee & Elbow
Self Defence Applications