About KSE

KSE is a modern synthesis of Filipino Martial Arts and Pencak Silat. The training concepts of KSE are composed of several sub-systems. These sub-systems are Panantukan (Filipino Boxing), Sikaran (Filipino Kicking), Sinawali (Double Sticks), Solo Baston (Single Stick), Daga (Knife Fighting), Espada Y Daga (Sword and Dagger), Kadena De Mano (Filipino Trapping) and Dumog (Filipino Grappling) and different approach of Pencak Silat.

In addition, KSE  is heavily influenced by the Muay Boran and Western Boxing Concept 


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Summercamp 2019

We return to Póvoa De Varzim, Portugal.

From 07. - 14.  July 2019

Camp will start with the KSE Instructor Camp

From Sunday 07. - Tuesday 09. July 2019.

Classes will be given by Dakilang Guro Jeff Espinous

The KSE Summercamp will start Tuesday 09. -

Sunday 14. July 2019. 

Watch for the list of our KSE Instructors & Guests...

The KSE Instructor Camp is reserved for KSE & IKAEF Instructors, Assistant Instructors and  Advanced Students minimum Phase Five..

KSE Summercamp is open to everyone who interested in SouthEast Martial Arts & Urban Self Defence

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